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Dev Notes 01

These days I am trying my best effort to adapt to the new environment. A lot of things need to learn, a lot of people need to know.

During this period, I read a number of articles. Some of them are really good ones and worth to record here.


Most of my spare time is spending on reading git related articles, which is well worth. After a lot of reading, finally, I got agreed with the point of view that we should “Commit Often, Perfect Later, Publish Once”.

1 Commit Often, Perfect Later, Publish Once: Git Best Practices

Git is amazing for its free branching, so we’d better make use of this. After learning from the article below, we could become a guru in git branch technology.

2 A successful Git branching model

At last, there is a very cool site, where we could find some really good tutorials and articles about git.


linux performance

There are many very useful tools in linux. I have a chance to use several of them during the work, like: strace, ltrace, pdb, etc.

Above is a detailed “Linux Performance Observability Tools” diagram, from here:


unit test

Before joining this team, I seldom wrote unit tests. So there are lots of things I need to catch up. There are two articles about BDD test:

6 Introducing BDD

7 Mocks Aren’t Stubs

timing and profiling

When I tried to analyze my python code, these tools (lprun, mprun, timeit, etc) in IPython help a lot.

8 Timing and Profiling in IPython

That’s all.